Enhanced Personal Health Care helps doctors do what they do best – take care of you
Enhanced Personal Health Care (EPHC) encourages doctors to take time with you, to better understand your overall health. And really listen, so you don’t feel as rushed. Check out a video on how EPHC works.

Doing it differently … in a good way!
EPHC doctors may make themselves available after hours or weekends. They may offer their email for you to reach them, do web visits — or use other kinds of technology. They also have a clear line of communication with us. We keep them in the loop if you’re ready for your preventive care or if you go to the ER. They know your history, medications, lab results.
And they’re happy to help coordinate your treatment, even if it’s with other doctors. All of this so they’re not just treating one thing about you. They’re looking at the whole picture.

If your benefits are through a large national company, you may hear of EPHC called Blue Distinction Total Care. Same thing, different name.

Find an EPHC doctor in your plan.
Just log in and select Find a Doctor. You’ll have a chance to check a box to focus your search on EPHC doctors.